The hotel building constructed in 2015 is located just a hundred meters off the seashore in the picturesque recreational area adjacent to the historical part of the federal resort of Svetlogorsk City (known by the name Rauschen until 1946). The hotel interior is decorated in the Scandinavian style and thematically relates to the Swedish island of Gotland situated in the Baltic Sea. This small-scale mini hotel is primarily designed for those who enjoy listening to the quiet, sound of the waves, gulls shouting and love romantic walking and cycling among venerable pines and ancient sand dunes. Besides, the city center full of intimate restaurants and coffee houses is just a ten minute walk from the hotel. You can use a funicular to go down the foredune on which the hotel is located directly to the promenade and city beach. Around the hotel there are health resorts where the hotel guests can purchase vouchers for treatment.