Villa Gotland Hotel service payment methods

At Villa Gotland Hotel the service payment can be made in the following ways:

Cash payment in rubles:

Accommodation and hotel service payment can be made at the reception desk during check-in

Bank card:

Villa Gotland Hotel accepts all the principal types of bank cards (both credit and debit cards)


Bank transfer:

Payment can be transferred to the hotel settlement account:
Sole Proprietor Liudmila Ivanovna Voronenko
INN 391400013604, OGRN 310392633700121, KPP 0
Settlement account 40802810107190000126
Correspondent account 30101810700000000796
Beneficiary’s bank: Branch of BINBANK, OJSC in Saint-Petersburg City
BIK 044030796

Meals costs may be included in the accommodation price at the guest's request.

Special offers for our partners

10-15% reduction for accommodation of groups from 5 persons.
Up to 10% reduction for companies sending their employees on business trips. 
Up to 20% reduction for concert and other mass events organizers.